The Common

Located alongside the outer glazing line of the Brisbane Airport domestic terminal, The Common enjoys outlook over the airside apron and high exposure to the concourse walkway. The design features bold forms and a saturated colour scheme to distinguish the cafe within the highly stimulative yet visually homogeneous airport environment.

Profiled ceramic tiles and custom colour-matched terrazzo and micro-cement finishes provide an earth-toned foundation, complimented by the sand-hued counter, window blinds and Venetian plaster. The palette is accentuated by branding and custom-designed fixtures including suspended bar display, menu boards, a heat lamp and playfully shaped, over-scaled pendant lights.

Fabric blinds filter and colour the abundant daylight, producing a diffuse golden glow across the length of the space, while the matte floor surface softens direct low-level rays.

A sculptural ceiling form is suspended above the production and service zone. Its underside is lined with gold leaf which produces a surprising shimmer to contrast the subtle sheen of other surfaces. Ceiling fixtures are concealed within vividly coloured recesses.

Project typeHospitality interior
PhotographyDavid Chatfield
MediaInner Beauty, “Warm Welcome.” Australian Traveller 097, 2023.
“Best Cafe Design: The Common”, Artichoke 81, 2022.
Awards2022 Eat Drink Design Awards Winner – Best Cafe Design

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