Pinjarra Hills House

On sloping land beside a creek in the semi-rural outskirts of Brisbane, a simple 1970s brick house is adjusted and extended to better engage its occupants with the site, and each other, as part of their daily lives.

The new works include two sibling forms loosely arranged along a high contour. Together they restructure the open space between as a terrace for the pre-existing pool. The forms accommodate a family room and pavilion and present long edges as apertures to the dense eucalypt and pine tree canopy.

The original house is obliquely sited and faces north towards an uphill neighbour. The extended house manages overlooking by formatting its northern prospect through a low wide picture window to a private garden.

A desire to enclose the north and east for privacy from the neighbouring house prompted corresponding strategies to amplify daylight within the new family room interior. Daylight is introduced from above via three open skylight shafts, distributed to balance light levels across the space and to register seasonal and diurnal daylight variation. Door, window and skylight openings are positioned against floor, wall and ceiling edges in order to diffuse soft daylight across entire surfaces and minimise glare.

Project typePrivate residence
PhotographyDavid Chatfield
MediaBruhn, Cameron. “Pinjarra Hills House.” Houses 147 (2022): 28-34.
Awards2022 Houses Awards Shortlist – House Alteration & Addition over 200msq

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