Nodo Newstead

Opened in 2015 Nodo Newstead is the flagship commercial premises for our client’s business, which has grown from its early focus on baked goods to also encompass cafe food, coffee and retail offerings. 

The original concept of casual hospitality is consistent throughout the spatial planning and material selection. A long central counter consolidates circulation within the narrow space and is shared by staff and customers, facilitating display, service and dining. A controlled composition and material palette enable spatial qualities to be perceived with heightened awareness. White high level wall surfaces amplify natural light within the tall volume.

Fixed glazing was replaced with operable windows coupled with perimeter bench seating enabling occupation and activation of the street edge.

Sullivan Skinner were later engaged to design the 2018 expansion into the adjacent tenancy.

Project typeHospitality interior
PhotographyDaniel Maddock
Yaseera Moosa

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